4 Ways to impress on your first day!

4 Ways to impress on your first day


There are several ways to impress on your first day;

  1. Get in early , this will show you are eager
  • Getting in early will give the company an idea that you are keen to learn and want to make sure you make a good impression on your first day.


  1. Put in extra hours if needed or asked to
  • If asked by your manager to do extra hours agree to help out because it shows you are willing to help the business and make sure the company are able to produce the profits they are needing to reach, but without staff doing overtime they may not be able to reach profits they need to.


  1. Dress smart
  • Dressing smart will give the company an idea of how you like to present yourself, which will give them an idea of how you will present your work. Also if you dress smart it will make you feel good in yourself, which will have an effect on how you complete your day to day tasks.


  1. Taking notes when needed
  • This will be mainly used when you start your new job, for example if you are taking over someone’s role, they will complete a handover with you and you could take notes so when it gets to yourself doing the role without anyone helping you, you will have notes to go from and also a starter point.


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