Why to stay motivated during a job search?

Why to stay motivated during a job search?

Look up a carer role model?

Looking up carer role model will give you an insight on how hard they had to fight to get the certain role. They may write about what they have had to do to achieve the role they are in, for example a member of staff at a company has gone from an administrator to a senior manager, they might have written some information on the website which will show how hard the individual has had to work their way through the company.

Put your Career goals on paper?

When putting your career goals on paper it makes the goals seem real and where you want to end up within the working environment. A good reason to have your career goals on paper will be when recruiters call they might ask what your career goals might be, and if you have them on paper you have them to tell the recruiter. Just say you’re a nervous individual over the phone and you may forget to say anything about career goals having them in front of you will prompt you to say about the goals you may have for yourself.

Reward time

When looking for a new job you need to make sure there is a break when doing a job search, for example if you have sent out several CV’s to recruiters and you have had a call back and they have sent over your cv or they might have even booked you in for an interview that is the perfect reason to give yourself a break from the Job search. It gives you time to chill out for a while as well as gives more recruiters time to find your CV and new job opportunities to be posted. 

Think positive

When looking for a new opportunity think positive about your CV and think positive about you getting a call back, by you being positive about your CV it will give you the feeling to apply for more roles and not stop the search.

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