Dear Sue and Paul

I wanted to email you briefly about Kirsty (copied) who has been helping me with my search for a new role.

So far Kirsty has delivered me two offers. One I have turned down – Kirsty didn’t flinch or push me as others might have in the past and that is hugely appreciated. She has listened carefully which is refreshing. I think we expect a third offer to come. It will then be a tough call to make. In addition to these offers, we have turned down other interview options.

The offers I have had are exactly what I am after. Kirsty has been terrific. She has juggled for me when I havent been able to make appointments. She has never pushed anything I don’t like and has made sensible suggestions. I have made several career moves and none have been like this where I have been spoiled for choice.

I should add this is nothing to do with the fact my Mum’s family are from the same part of Wales as Kirsty and most of my aunties, uncles and cousins live there and that I prefer the egg shaped ball to the round one for sports!

Too often in my industry good work and a kind approach goes untold or unappreciated. I thought it was only fair to send a brief email as to how grateful I am for Kirsty’s help.

The role I am likely to take is a department head, looking to grow a team. When I get to that point, I’ll be back to kirsty to help me try to fill those roles and for the broader firm will make sure of the same where I can.

Very best wishes for Christmas.
From a Happy Candidate